Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our First Day of Preschool!

Oh my word! You would have thought Molly had waited her whole life (all three years) for this moment. We went to Preschool Orentation and then meet your teacher... long story crazy day and totally off my game so I didn't take any pictures but this one just before we walked in of the meet your teacher. Molly loved every minute and was so excited to go back. She would ask me every day if she could go to preschool and that she didn't go potty in her diapers and was wearing big girl underwear and so when could she go to preshool. Then she would come home and say that she drove by with daddy and there were cars there could she go to preschool NOW? I told her the teachers were just getting ready for them to come back.

Well due to her excitement we made a school count down. We cut out letters that spelled school and put one on each of the cupboards in the kitchen and then we moved one each day and she knew that when she finaly moved the L that was the day she got to go to school.

Then the night before she started school we had a going to school party. It was Monday night so we did the FHE going to school party and invited Grandma and Grandpa... being as they have 3 girls still at home we were lucky enough to get Kat Whit and Cyd plus her fiance Brayden. And then we also invited Nan and Pa... being as Kerry the youngest just got married a few weeks ago they are the only two left at home, and they have a much smaller FHE! Oh it was so much fun to have everyone here. We ate dinner school lunch style on lunch trays, sandwiches, cheese pencils, Jello, chocolate milk or Apple juice, and apple slices.

Then we read two books (the Kissing Hand, and My Preschool) the best part of this was we had Nan read one and then Grandpa read one.

Then we finished of the party with a pencil cake (actualy brownie) and then everyone took off with a party favor... cheez It's with letters on them and smarties on the top... she is going to school to learn more about her letters and become more of a smartie!

After everone had left. Kris changed his clothes and put on a shirt and tie with slacks and gave Molly a blessing. It was so sweet. He told her that she was a blessing in our home and blessed her that she would learn a lot that she would get along with the kids in her class as well as with Stella and me (that will need some work). He also blessed her that this would be a good experience. Last he blessed her that she would be healthy and happy. It was so fun to see the begining of a great traditon and to share that love, excitement and enthusiasm with grandparants and family.

Then come the first day of school the day she had been waiting for... The first day was a short day and the broke the class up into 2 differnt groops, one to come in the morning (9-10 and one to come in the later morning 10:30-11:30) Molly had been assigned the later time. So we got up that morning and cleaned up the house got the girls rooms picked up and then I was making my bed. Molly came in and said it was time to go... ya this was all morning I wish she had the earlier time. So she comes in and tells me we have to go. I tell her that it's just fine and that I was making my bed. She looks at me and said with great authority...
"Mommy I do not have time for this! I am going to be late and they will start without me!" I asured her that we had plenty of time at least 45 min and preschool is only 2 min away. she sighed, her shoulders sank and she walked out of the room. We did leave shortly after that and yes she was the first one there (if you don't count the boy the mom had not yet picked up form the early class, Ya! Really! She had a great frist day and really didn't want to leave. She is loving it! She has two amazing teachers and I can't wait to see what the year will bring.
Molly was so excited about picking out her own backpack and just had to show it off.

This is a cute little picture I was able to snap though the window when I got there a little early to pick her up. This is a girl that loves snack time. She wanted to make sure I was there when other kids were leaving so she came running out and then when she had seen me she ran back in to finish her snack and she was in no hurry. Funny thing.


katheryn b. said...

She is such a cutie. And I can see she will love school. Thanks for having us at your party. I had so much fun. Love ya

Brooke said...

Already in Preschool? Where has the time gone. Linds you seriously are an amazing mom. You do the cutest things. I just love it! Hope you are all doing well. xoxo

The Wyler Family said...

so sweet! you have the best parties! i'm going to call you for ideas next time i have a party to throw. so fun!

Bella Blogger said...

Funny, I was just getting caught up on your blog and you were leaving a comment on mine. Molly is so big. What are you going to do with yourself with one little girl a few hours a week? Nap, clean, get caught up on life! I hope she has a great pre-school year.

Kari said...

Holy freaking cute and creative!!!! I bet she is loving school :)

Steph H said...

You are so creative!! I love every detail of your back to school party. Wow. wow. I also love Molly's "victory" picture with the school letters on the cupboard! I can just feel her excitement. How fun.