Monday, September 14, 2009

Fear Of Ghosts!

A few months ago I was helping my mom along with my sister Whit and sister in law Sierra carry in a dresser for my moms bedroom. It was big and kind of heavey so we decited that going in though the front door was the best sulution. Whit went and opened the door and just ran back to help us carry the dresser in. We were pulling it out of the car and I could hear Molly start to scream! This was not just any kind of scream this was a blood curdeling I'm REALLY hurt kind of scream. So I tell the girls we have to put down the dresser and I run inside and there is Molly red faced, tears streeming down her face and she would not stop screaming. My dad was holding her and doing the best he could, but she didn't sound like she would be stoping anytime soon. Trying to figure out what happened I kept asking if she was hurt or what. My dad said that she got scared. Molly said the ghost came and opened the door. We kept trying to reasure her that it was just Whitney, but she was sure it was the ghost. Finaly we calmed her down and she relized that the ghost was just Whitney oppening the door and then running back to help us. For DAYS after I Molly was constantly talking about the ghost and how it was so scary.
A few days later we were talking about this incident and how funny it was that Molly just kind of freaked out like that and my dad, with his little i'm in truble smerk said... "I may have just mentioned that it was a ghost, just may have." He just cracks me up.
So later that week she asked me... Mommy do you remember when that ghost came to open the door at grandmas. Oh my heck! Are we still talking about this.
Then days after that she was laying in bed with me talking about something that she thought was sceary and I was playing with her hair and said... "Molly there are lots of times in our life that we are scared and then we just have to say a little prayer and then the Holy Ghoooooos".......... That's when it hit me that I can't say Ghost, she will totally freak out. but it was kind of too late. Molly sits up and looks at me "Ghost"
Here I have for weeks been telling her there are no ghost and that she shouldn't be sceared of ghost and then I'm trying to tell her not to be scared because there is a ghost that will comfrot her.... Nice!
I did go on to tell her that this is a ghost that will help you feel happy and that it will make you feel not scared and that when you pray Heavenly Father can't come down to help us so he sends the Holy Ghost to come and make us feel better. Oh my heck! Seriously! Open mouth insert foot!
Bless her little heart she is so funny and I just keep thinking that this has gone away and today she locked the back door and when I asked her why she said... "so the ghost don't come in."
What a funny little thing. I just keep laughing about it and I really hope that she grows out of it soon!


The Wyler Family said...

okay, that's hilarious! such a confusing thing for a little mind.

katheryn b. said...

she is so funny. I remember when we pulled up to that inkleys place and she was telling me that there are good ghosts and that the holy ghostes(how she said it) are good ghosts. Putting it up on my quote door once I get it up. She is so funny. and I love everytime she sees whit she reminds her how she was the ghost that one day.

brittani c. said...

little kids take things quite literally, don't they? Maybe translate it into 'Holy Spirit'? Or maybe spirits and ghosts for Molly are scary too. :)

Ashley said...

How great. I love the part where you start telling her about the "Holy Ghooooos..." to comfort her. Funny.

Brooke said...

So cute. Linds you crack me up! xoxo