Sunday, September 6, 2009

Molly & Alexis!

This is a message that I got from one of Molly's cute date night baby sitter on facebook last week. She has just been called into the nursery and it was her first week in there with Molly.

ok lindsay so i totally have to tell u what molly did in nursery on sunday! i was reading a book with one of the other girls and she was sitting on my lap. molly came walking over and was all u cant sit on her lap cause shes my babysitter!!! And i was laughing so hard and she looked at me and said thats not funny!!! She is the absolute cutest!!!

I had to respond and tell her the funny story I had from a couple weeks earlier. I had a lot I had to get done and was wanting Molly to get dressed so we could get out the door. She was trying to stall as usual and come up with... Um mommy, (long pause) Umm how about umm, (long pause) how about you and daddy go out to lunch (long pause) umm and how about Lexis comes to play with me. long pause... She can get here fast!

Molly is so funny, actually both of my kids LOVE their babysitters! I don't know many kids that cry when their mom and dad come home as opposed to when they leave. We have been blessed to have such great girls that are willing to help us out with our girls.

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