Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thank You Katheryn!

K so we were at my parents on Sat (more on why). Kat had to go to work later and text me and told me she had a surprise for me and I couldn't leave until she got off of work. I had no idea what the surprise was going to be, thinking it might be the Baird family joke barbie CD we were packing everything up and getting ready to leave when Kat came home with this...

It's an elf and he is so cute, but what is even cutter is the poem on the little tag this is what it says.
"This small little elf has a special job to do as he sits on a shelf watching over you.
He goes back to Santa each night to say who's been naughty or nice each winter day.
So make sure to find him in a new place each day so he'll be sure to tell Santa to bring toys Christmas day!"

We have had so much fun with this little guy! THANKS SO MUCH KAT! What a fun gift. Katheryn is always so thoughtful of all of us and now that she is on her own I know money is tight, but that was so kind of you to buy that for us, we absolutely love it!

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katheryn b. said...

Ahhh..I feel special for this dedication. *tear. I love you and you being so excited about me felt good. So thank you!