Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008!

Wow! This year was so much fun! Molly has been talking about it for weeks, and Santa did not disappoint! Christmas Eve we spent with Kris's family! Ate dinner, desert, the kids opened pj's form Nana & Pa, both so cute! We came home and read a simple Christmas story with Molly, Stella had fallen asleep, not for long! Then it was off to bed. Molly woke up the next morning not realizing that it was Christmas and came to lay in our bed with us for a bit. She helped feed Stella and then we took her out to see the loot Santa had left. We spent the morning opening gifts and letting the kids play with there new toys. My goal was not to rush them. So gift opening...Kris got me a Camera!!!!!!!!! I have been wanting one forever and this one it the boom! I'm so stoked! Ya, totally have the best husband ever, not just because he got me the camera, but that didn't hurt! We went to Papa and Vonda's for some food and visiting with family then stopped by Nana & Pa's. We opened gifts and then we were right back in the car and off to my parents so we could beat the snow storm and talk to Cyd (My sister who is on a mission). It was so fun to talk with her. Man I miss her and can't wait for her to get back in April, but I know she is wishing she could spend more time in the field! What an awesome Christmas! Merry Christmas!


The Poer Family said...

How fun! It looks like your kids were happy with everything they got. Hey I went to photobucket. I couldn't find that santa thing. Could you tell me exactly what you did? I hate to keep bugging you about it, but I still might use that when I post our Christmas morning. If not then I guess I will have to suffer. I don't think I went in the right place. Do you need to sign up for photobucket or what?

katheryn b. said...

You didn't mention me at all? Tear. Jk..Really i am

Kari said...

Looks like you have all been very good this year ;) What kind of camera did you get? Love how exciting a new camera is ... especially with kiddos!! Glad your day was extra special!

Natalie said...

yay! Looks like an awesome Christmas. We loved ours with Hannah. They are old enough to really enjoy it! Fun "mom moments!"

And a camera?! That's on my someday list! What kind did you get?

Love your pictures. So glad you could talk to Cyd! What a perfect Christmas.