Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Party Never Ends!

We celebrated Molly's birthday with my family on the 4th so we had to have another party to celebrate with Kris's family. Amy had come all the way from Vegas to help us celebrate Molly's birthday, OK, so that's not really why she was here. She come up to be here for Liam's baby blessing, but it worked out perfectly for her to be here for Molly's birthday celebration. We had pizza and everyone came over! Molly was truly spoiled this year, she was last year as well. I made her birthday cake. This was the cake I wanted every year for my birthday cake. My grandma would make it and Molly was born on her birthday, being as she passed away about a year and a half ago I thought this was only fitting to celebrate with her great grandma's special cake. We opened presents and just had fun hanging out with the family chatting. Molly kept us all entertained with her "Nakie Nakie dance" So funny and running around with all of her new toys. It was so nice of everyone to take time out of their Saturday to come and celebrate Molly's 2nd birthday with us. Thanks Mark and Chels for giving up the Bees game for the party that was really nice of you guys and Molly loved having you both there!


The Bastian's said...

Happy Birthday Sweetheart! by the way, that cake looks awesome! You might have to teach me how to bake something that looks that delicious!

Ashley said...

So what kind of cake is it? Looks good and fun!