Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Crazyness Of Two!

You know I know that I said in my last post that I was loving every minute of having these two little angels in our house and that is so true and it just becomes more and more fun. I was chuckling this morning at the chaos of it all though. Molly had swim lessons at 10:15 and to get there on time and get changed and all of that jazz we have to leave the house at 9:30. Well at 9:00 both of my girls were still sleeping. I love that I have awesome sleepers but I had to feed them both at the same time. While I was trying to convince Molly to eat her toast I was sitting on the couch trying to get Stella to stay awake so I could nurse her before we left the house. Then I had to change Stella's diaper and that is when it got comical. She peed all over everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Her clothes were wet, her blanket, and even the clean diaper I hadn't put on her yet. So then we had to get Stella all wiped down and changed. Then I was trying to get Molly all ready, with no breakfast in her that should make for a happy camper. Swimming actually went well and we only had one attempt at escaping on the way back to the car, you think a fat pregnant lady looks funny running after a 2 year old before they get to the street, try a fat lady that still looks like she's pregnant caring the swim bag, purse, and baby carrier running after a 2 year old before she gets to the street. We got home just after 11 and knowing we have to start the whole route or what routine we have over at 1:30 to take Stella to the Dr. I put Molly right down to bed after a piece of bread... What do you know, It's Tuesday, Garbage day. Molly is deathly afraid of trucks driving by our house, and the garbage truck is the absolute worst. I had just put Molly down and Stella in her crib and thought that I would grab some breakfast/ lunch when I heard the garbage truck! When I was younger we had a cat and I remember holding her when one of the dogs ran up on to the deck. The cat freaked out started hissing and climbed over my shoulder and clawed all 4 paws into my back and just hung there, it looked like something out of a movie, and that is just what I think of every time the garbage truck drives by and Molly is clawing at me screaming like her life will soon be over. The best part of this is we live at the bottom of a dead end street, so the garbage man has to come back down, and today was not only garbage day, but recycle day as well, twice the fun. Stella started to cry at about the same time Molly did and was ready to be fed, so I made a deal with Molly. I told her no more crying and I would come and sit in her bed and feed Stella. I got settled and was waiting for the truck to come back down the street, when my cell phone started to ring in the kitchen. Normally I would just let it ring, but I knew that it was going to be the home health guy coming to pick up the billie bed and that he couldn't find the house. So I'm feeding Stella caring her from one room of the house to the other and I can hear the "Trucka" making it's way down the street. Once I gave the guy directions to our house, (no one can ever find it). They get really close but our address is so silly, So when the guy gets here to pick up the bed, I've had to stop feeding Stella and the "trucka" as Molly calls it is right across the street. So the guy walks in to two screaming bloody murder children and I still have to get the bed ready for him. Oh like I said it just cracks me up. What can you do other than just laugh. I wish my sister Cydne was here and this could have been written a whole heck of a lot better and way more comical! There hasn't been a dull moment yet:) I'm going to see if I can get in some breakfast/ lunch now before I have to wake my two sleeping girls for the second time today to go to the Dr. Good thing I haven't posted this yet because there is more to add. I had to wake both girls up once again! Getting to the Dr. was more of a smooth transition being as I had gotten everything ready before I woke the girls up. I took the stroller which helped me contain both kids, but I was more worried about Molly then Stella. We did really well up until it was time to go to the lab for them to prick Stella's heel for her billiribbon test. I had to put this heating pack on her heal and she was hungry by this time and screaming at the top of her lungs. So I picked her up and I'm bouncing her, trying to keep her quiet as everyone is looking at me. Molly starts to climb out of the stroller on to the chair and then starts to cry when I sit her down again. Meanwhile some random lady walks out of the lab and walks right to me and starts to touch Stella... I know my paranoid mom side starts to come out as I wonder what kind of weird disease she has that has brought her to the lab and now she is touching my brand new baby. Molly the whole time is still trying to climb out of the stroller and the stroller is getting pushed away from the chair as she is trying to reach the chair. Well they finally call us back and they have to prick Stella's heal. The tech tells me that I need to hold her other leg to keep it out of the way. So I'm holding her leg as she is screaming and looking at Molly go figure she is standing up again. So as I'm trying to convince a two year old child that sitting down is the best thing for her, I was wondering to myself why I had not put her seat belt on... I have learned my lesson! We did venture to Michael's (the craft store after) and we really did well I was proud of my self getting both kids back to the car with a mat board 4ft by 3ft into the car! I'm telling you classic day. We got home and the office had flooded (not a lot of water) but we had to take the utility vac down and then we came home and ate a wonderful dinner brought to us form someone in the ward and them we went to Papa and Vonda's to introduce Stella. Wow! Molly was so tired and it was such a crazy day, I was really ready for bed and so was Kris! Like I said we are adjusting. I really do just look back and laugh. What a day. This has been the craziest one yet. I'm sure there are many more to come!


Natalie said...

Holy Canoly! Boy am I excited! I have a lot to look forward too! Good luck. I'll need lots of tips!

The Bastian's said...

I just had to laugh the whole time I read this. I just know how this goes. It will get better, pretty soon Molly will be more of a helper! Good luck girl!