Thursday, January 26, 2012

My little artist!

This was Stella's art work she left on the wall at the Dr. office! Did I mention that this was done with dry erase crayons? Nice. I turned my head to watch Molly walk to the bathroom. When I turned back that is part of what I found! AWESOME!

This is what she did later.... I started to wash it off before I took the pictures. Both of her arms were covered from the bottom of her sleeve to the tips of her fingers! This was done with dry erase markers. She told Molly that these were her "Tattoos"! Really? Oh boy! Kris and I spent Kris' lunch break looking up "Painful tattoos" on YouTube! I think we did a first rate job at freaked them both out!

The end of a very long day!
she had a few good quotes for today.
After scrubbing her arms almost raw trying to get off ALL of her artwork while she showered we got her out and put on her pink jammies and she said...
"I love these jammies, they are so warm... and I never want to get a tattoo."

Later that night she had been asleep for about 2 hours. She got up. While trying to get her back to bed she said
Stella: "But I can't see my room."
Me: "It's in the same place it's always been"
I know right? how funny am I?

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