Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Funny Molly Phrases!

While Kris was gone to spring training I had gotten a new movie for the girls as a bribe and distraction. Elloise at Spring time. I LOVE Elloise book and movies all alike. Molly takes after her mother because she LOVES it and could watch it over and over again if I would let her. On one occasion last week while she was watching it she said to me....

"I want a Weenie!"

Let me explain a little more... Elloise has a little dog named Weenie. Anyway I couldn't help but just laugh! Oh kids are so funny!

Then this morning Molly was spinning in circles over and over until she fell on the kitchen floor and she said to me...

"Mom, Stop the house!"

Apparently she had been spinning a little to much!

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katheryn baird said...

she is so silly! Love what comes out of this girls mouth, she always makes me laugh!