Thursday, July 2, 2009

Girls Camp!

I don't really know that we can call it Girls "CAMP" It didn't have much of a camp feel at all. This year we had ward girls camp as opposed to doing stake girls camp. So being as it was all ward and up to us to plan and decide, our YW president decided to take us all to her cabin "mansion" just about 45 minutes away. The leaders were taking turns rotating outside with the girls in tents, but they were so nice and the counselor over me had said being as I don't sleep at home I should be one to sleep both nights inside in a bed. My friend Margaret is pregnant and they opted her in as well so we roomed together. The first day we did a almost 5 mile hike, I loved it! Then we headed home for some pilates and dinner. Then we did a scar story, (everyone told about one of their scars). Then the girls watched movies and most of (if not all of the leaders) Went to bed. Margaret and I, I think were the last leaders to bed, trying to get the girls settled and out of the house into their tents. The poor leaders who had to sleep outside, and the all of the girls got rained on and a few of the tent were totally leaking. I had a hard time sleeping I was just worried that I would end up moving too much and Margaret wouldn't be able to sleep, or I would be breathing my bad breath on her and I just kept rehashing the day. I don't sleep well these days. So the next day we did our crafts (friendship breacelets, and headbands, they were both so cute and so much fun.) Then we headed to the lake for some boating... Like I said Girls "Camp"? Really? We spent a while at the lake and then just about 5 minutes before we were planning on packing up we got in a huge thunder and lighting storm. It just started to poor. It was so fun and we kind of just hung out in the cars till the lighting passed and then we braugt the last boat in and we were headed back to "CAMP" to take hot showers and get some more yummy food. Pork, mashed potatoes (the best I've ever had) rolls and on and on with dinner. Then we had a devotional with the bishopric and we just kind of hung out and chatted. Being as the rain had still not really let up all of the girls came inside to sleep. We had a few ask if they could sleep in our room. They were so cute. It was so fun to talk to them. In fact when Melissa came out to tell them to be quiet, she said..."Oh I was coming to tell the girls to be quiet and it's you Lindsay." I know it gets late and I get tired and I get giggling and laughing, but we had so much fun. We were up the next morning and had our devotional and Scripture reading and then another amazing breakfast (really I think in 3 days I gained about 5-10 lb's) no lie! We did our service project which was my baby. I had gathered new books form people in our ward that they so gratiously donated and then we talked about how to tell a good story what makes it a good story and how to deliver it. Then taking the books that had been donated we had the girls read them all on tape and we will pack the tape with the book and it will be donated to the Christmas box. A shelter for abandoned children, with no moms to read them a story. The girls were so great and it went really well. Then we were packing up and doing lunch and we were on the road... (being as our YW preident has a cleaning lady come in once a week, we didn't even have to clean up. And the tents were so wet that we just left them out to dry out and the YW Pres was going to take her family up the day we got home for a few days so she had her boys put all of the tents down... Really! Like I said "CAMP"? It was good and really all in all we all made it out alive! No really it was fun and we had a blast. What a girls camp it was! The theme was A.R.K. (Acts of Random Kindness) Each of the girls and leaders were assigned a partner... you know 2 by 2. you and your partner got another partnership that you were supposed to find a way to serve though out the camp. It was amazing the acts of service performed. I just loved the spirit of everyone pitching in to help out everyone else. It really did set the tone for camp! What a great theme and camp... Way to go Shannon, Melissa, Kay and all of the other leaders... It went so well!

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