Friday, July 10, 2009

Double Baby Shower!

My cute sister in law is having twins and I don't know how I hit the lottery on being the one to give her a baby shower, but I was sooooo excited! So I have always wanted twins and if I can't have them I will have to live vicariously though Chelsey! When I first heard I was doing the shower my mind started to race. I had about a million ideas, but this is what I settled on.
Being as Chelsey is having twins I decided to go with a "Doubles" them, and being as they are both boys we did the Blue and Green color them. So here was the invitaion.

Then I decided that being as Mark and Chelsey had "rolled the dice and got 2 for 1" we should go with a bunko theme. I made up these bunko cards.

The prices went with a baking theme... being as Chelsey has 2 "buns in the oven". the prizes were... a cupcake stand, a really cute apron, and a box of Bearfoot Contessa cupcake mix (if you have never tried this you need to. They are more than the regular box mix, but totally worth it. The prizes went to the highest bunko which was Deette, the most wins which was Chelseys sister Brandy and then the most losses which was Kerry.

Bunko was so fun! Everyone seemed to get into it, it took a second, but the thing I love about this game. You don't sit with the same people the whole time, so you get to know others that you would really get to talk to.

The colors were blue and green and I really tried to stick to these colors. I did a candy mix of blue and green candy and put the names that Mark and Chelsey are thinking about in the candy so that people would know what names they were thinking about. I took some pictures for her invitations and so I made a picture garland of her cute pictures. The food was soooo good. My mother in law and sister's in law did all the salads and they were to die for and then I did several desserts... brownies with pb frosting, Amy my sister in law did mint brownies (holy cow, so good!) mini cupcakes, pumpkin bars, and then the fruit tray was all blue and green. Green apples, kiwi, green grapes, and then blue fruit dip. I did a balloon bouquet of green and blue balloons. and then to just finish it all off I had a diaper cake for her.

It was all so much fun and it was such a blast. I loved being able to do this shower. We are all just so excited about these little boys coming to our family!

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