Thursday, June 18, 2009

Funny Molly!

Here are just some funny Molly stories.

I drink caffeine free diet coke 75% of the time, but the other 25% and increasing I drink the "Hard" stuff. A few days a go was a day that I just really needed a "Real" Diet Coke. We were driving in the car and Molly asked if she could have some of my drink. I flatly repled "No". Her next question was "Mommy, dose it have caffen in it?" I told her yes and she didn't ask any more if she could have some. How did she get so smart?

So we were getting ready for family pictrues and I didn't want to put the girls in their clothes until we got there, so I had told her to put on her sweats. She came into the bathroom where I was doing my hair and her pants were totally twisted so the seam was on the side. She looked at me distraught and told me "mommy my pants feel funny." I asked if she needed help and then she just looked at me and said "The tag goes in the back, right?" Oh i just laughed. she is so cute? I walked over and helped her line the seams up the right way and she was all smiles and ran off.

6/20/09 Tonight was another good Mollyism. I had got some Dora the exporer toilet seat covers and trying to get her to go potty in the tolet. She didn't want to go potty, but she had a really wet diaper and so I told her to get a clean one and take it to daddy to put on, while I tryed to get Stella to settle down. She ran into her room and got some underwear. It really was time to go to bed. So I finally after asking her several times to get a diaper I got one for her. She kept saying "I'll tell you when I have to go potty" I finaly grabbed her and took off her pj bottoms and underwear to put the diaper on. I put the diaper back on and then her pj's and noticed that they were wet. She looked at me and pointed to her underwear and said "but there not wet mommy." I said "I know you're underwear isn't wet and you pj's are, I just can't figure that one out.." Molly in her sweet little voice said "I know I can't either." Oh boy!

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