Sunday, October 9, 2011

July 2011! Birthday Season!

With a new baby and the craziness of everything else that was going on I didn't get a chance to really throw a birthday party for my girls, so we kind of did a make shift birthday and they were both thrilled with the way it turned out.
Molly wanted to go swimming. So we did a fun breakfast that morning. It was yummy! We did the homemade buttermilk pancakes, bran muffins, biscuits, blueberry coffee cake and fruit. We got to sit together with awesome company and then open gifts and sing happy birthday!

Later that afternoon we took her swimming at her Nan and pa's and had a swim party. She was thrilled that she was doing what she loved on her birthday!

She had picked out a cake from the store-- a Cinderella cake... she thought that that was the coolest thing ever... her picking out her own cake!

She had a great day and then we went home and opened her gifts, sang happy Birthday again to her and released balloons! She was as happy as a little lark.

Stella also had a birthday in July. I wanted to make sure we got to do something fun as well. So all of us girls took off for a day at Wheeler farm. We spent the day playing in tree houses and feeding ducks, looking at animals and then going for a tractor ride! The girls both loved it and weren't happy at all when it was time to go.

We stopped and actually went into Wendy's (Going IN anywhere for us is a luxury) for lunch and then I had another activity planned for the girls. It was totally a surprise. I had made appointments for all 3 of us to go get pedicures. They also did the girls finger nails and oh my heck my girls ate it up. The girls that did their nails was so nice. The girls were totally mesmerized by it and talked about it forever! This I think is the beginning of a new tradition, birthday peddies!

We finished the night going to dinner at this darling plac by our house. they have these kid tables and a this kid corner. It has a whole wall of chalk boards and then a train set and like I said they got to sit at their own little kid table right by us. They bring out popcorn for you while you wait for your dinner. It was delishous and so fun!
Then we headed home and opened gifts, the hit was probably her unicorn pillow pet, Molly loved her lady bug pillow pet until she saw Stella's and then she was coming up with every trick to get Stella's unicorn. We finished the night by released balloons and headed to bed! What a fun birhtday!

That Sat we had a little swim party for Stella at Nan and pa's house. She loved swimming and was also able to pick out her own cake (princess and the frog) which she thought was awesome! We opened gifts, swam and played! What a way to end Stella's Birthday!

Really I'm so lucky and blessed to have these little girls! Life can be crazy, but it is fun and I don't know that I would want to do it with out them!
Happy Birthday Girls! xoxo

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