Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Funny Molly Stories

So this morning when we sat down to breakfast we had a lot to be thankful for and a lot that was on my mind so when we sat down I said that I would say the prayer and Molly was not happy about that at all. So I said the prayer Molly said....

"Wow! Mommy, that was a really long prayer! Is your mouth tired, because you talked a long time."

Later today when I picked Molly up form school she came out and got in the car and after all of the chit chat of what went on at school. She said...

"Mom, I LOVE Jude and he loves me.
I want to marry Jude, mommy.
I want all of my friends to come to my wedding,
like....(insert the names of everyone, she went on and on forever)
I hope Jude comes, because I want to marry him."
Then there was a pause followed by....
"I hope he can drive."

Oh she cracks me up!

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Micah & Kat said...

ha ha ha ha that made me laugh good. Thank you for sharing. She is such cute kid. I was telling Micah how much I miss the rosanders. Please lets do something soon. :) Love you!