Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lake Powell... Rain, Rain, Rain!

So yeah! For the last 4 years we have made one last Lake Powell trip for the season the first or second week in Oct. This has been about 50 50 all the way across the board. Some years have been soooo nice warm and just amazing and others, like last year every time we went out we were in sleeping bags. This year.... Oh this year! Remember this....

(Yep we were Just outside of Page!)

So YES! tons of rain, tons of wind, tons of lightning and thunder or "Bunder" as Stella called it! We didn't have a whole lot of sun. We got sun the very fist day we were there and then the last few hours of our last night. As we pulled the boat out of the water the sky was blue and it was warm... the perfect day!
Despite all of the rain and wet everything! We did have a good time. We spent Sat and Sunday listening to conference, (which by the way was amazing! I love conference, and this time of year), eating treats and all of that good stuff. Did some boating on Sat and then early into the next we went in to page to bum around and get a change of scenery. We had exhausted all of our forms of entertainment and were all going a bit stir crazy. The last of the week we were able to get out for a few hours early evening and Molly got to play on the Super Ski and then we got in the water and did some swimming.... so cold I might add. I think Molly and I spent all of 5 min in the lake. Molly only wanted to get off the super ski when she was so cold she wanted to get warm. That was a great night and despite all of my thoughts of coming home early that was a great day and our last for the season, so I'm glad we stayed. We did have fun and it was nice to spend time as a family, but it was nice to come home and dry out... oh with out my dryer everything still smells mildewy, but I'm hoping by Wednesday... keep your fingers crossed for me! Oh we love Lake Powell and hate saying goodbye for the winter!
One of the funny little Molly stories was when we finally got back out on the lake I was just thinking we were going to go for a short ride being as MORE dark clouds were rolling in. We started to head back to the marina and Molly asked where we were going. I told her we were headed back, because it looked like it was going to rain. Man did she melt down. She kept saying "It's just not THERE!" "It's just not THERE!" "It just keeps raining and raining, and just won't stop." "I just really want to go on the super ski!" Finally I figured out she was wanting to say "It's just not FAIR!" I asked her if that was what she was trying to say and she agreed. It's so funny because we haven't started in on this phrase yet! Here we go! We did get a little more time and Molly did get to do the Super ski that trip. I thought it was so cute that she just wanted to be in the boat, water or on the beach! My girls are Lake Powell Girls!

The first day or two we spent with Nan and Pa! The Girls Loved building a sand castle with Nan.
My hottie husband! Oh Love this guy! He is the best!
Stella and Molly chill'n in the boat... Really! It was kind of cool, but this was just before it started to get bad!

After all the rain there was a double rainbow... I waited too long to get both and only caught the last of this one! Yeah! We were so happy to see the clouds start to clear. Even if it was just for a few hours!
Here she is all ready to go! Man she is cute!

I was trying to get a good shot of her REALLY skiing, but I was ether driving the boat or holding her rope, you have to hold the rope for this little super ski! She did so great though!


Uffens Family said...

Oh my goodness your girls are absolute beauties!!! Looks like such a fun trip...isn't sad that I have never been to Powell!! :) Love Molly's wetsuit and both girls sun glasses! Nothing is as great as being on the water!

Brooke said...

Such darling pictures of the girlies! They are so stinkin cute. Can't wait to hear DETAILS about powell. Xox

katheryn said...

HOLY COW!! Look at my cute nieces being all cute. Love the pics linds. Once've done another amazing job! Love you