Friday, September 10, 2010

Labor Day! 2010

We had such a great Labor day... Well for most of it, but really it was a blast! My sister in law has a fabric business and was having an amazing sale for Labor day so we headed down to her house to check out the fabric, (So awesome BTW! I was in heaven.) She and my cute brother had a BBQ at their house for all of us! It was Delicious! I should have taken pictures of all of the food, it was so good and not just that, but looked beautiful! Not only did we get an awesome lunch, fantastic fabric, (which I got a ton of!) but awesome entertainment! Cam and Sierra have a dog Elanor... she is darling! My girls love to play with her (a.k.a. run away from her screaming and laughing nervously, and wanting to pet her but takes 5 min to get the courage to actually pet her.) Not only do they have a cute dog, but they have an awesome garden that they let my girls pick stuff out of and a coop full of chickens. Sierra was so cute and took the girls out there and let Molly and Stella collect the chicken eggs. We though we had gotten them all and then Stella started pointing to the ground yelling egg! We looked and sure enough there was an egg on the ground. She was so excited and way nervous as she picked up the egg. She kept saying that the chickens were going to get her or that she was scared, but she was so brave and totally got the egg, cracking another one when she put the one she got in the basket... Sorry Sierra! It was really fun! We had a great day. After leaving we headed to the park to meet up with some of Kris's fam. Molly just laid on the blanket and didn't really move. That is so not her! I knew that she didn't feel well. Kris had told his family we would do dinner with them, and had totally forgotten that we were doing the back to school night, so that is why we had gone to the park to hang out. We left and drove around for a bit and stopped at the store then headed home only to be about 4 blocks away when Molly barfed all over the car. Needless to say we didn't have our Back to school night, we still will sometime. We came home and I got Molly all showered, ready for bed with some meds while Kris (the most amazingly, wonderful, best, most incredible, husband ever) cleaned up the puke! Don't you all wish you were married to him? Sorry Girls! He's taken! What an awesome husband and dad he is! And that is where our nigh really ended. Molly got sick a few more times that night, but woke up fine the next day! All in all it was an awesome Labor Day! Thanks Cam and Sierra for hosting us all! What a blast!

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